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Baranyai Zsolt (CV)
Manager, co-owner
Mobile: +36-20-947-4779

As a solution engineer, Zsolt has always been delivering the right technical tools for the purpose. He has experience both as vendor and as customer. He worked in the consultancy and the product domain as well. His work has been supported by the product lifecycle mindset. He learned the importance of ”asking the why”,”saying no”, transparency, teamwork, iterative approaches and customer partnership. When situations demanded, Zsolt managed projects and presented at conferences (ie.: see here). Besides of profession, he co-organized countless of intercultural social events. Also, he is continuously discovering how business and technology progress globally.

I am positive that we can deliver straight and efficient solution for your business needs.

Please find a summary of my services offered.


Spreadsheet solutions   Plant simulation to experiment with shop floor scenarios
Create data model to translate business requirements (graphic representation, flow chart)

Proposal for alternative platform to suit business application

Implementation of data model

Development of user interfaces

Programming of queries or advanced logics

Visualization, reporting

Design of complete models or separated model parts

Development of customer defined class and its objects with extensive routine set

Programming of methods of any kind (from basic to very sophisticated)

Production analysis (bottleneck determination, waste characteristics, unexpected dynamic disturbances)

Experimental design (coordinated batch runs to simulate scenarios)

Parametrization of models (via external excel spreadsheet)

Create reports to conclude simulation results (exportable as necessary)

Cosmetics within the simulation environment (user control panel, clean up, 3D visualization)

Showcase preparation for demonstration purposes

Decision support
Mathematical solution of underlying business questions

Formulation and solution of computational problems

Answer “non-googleable” questions that need in depth background study

Interactive multi-dimensional graphics (for management presentations)

Advanced data analysis Facilitate workshops
Comprehensive evaluation of analytic studies

Product segmentation (both production and service segment, algorithmic approach as well)

Product mix review (profit mass, relative profit rate, efficiency)

Cost distribution analysis


Finding descriptive variables in data, feature design

Preparation work for thematic workshops

Facilitation to achieve intended outcome

Validation and aftermath activities

Publishment review Data preparation
Critical review of professional materials prior to publishment (of production, statistics, cost accounting topics)

Revision of Hungarian, English, German technical documents

Data quality check prior to any implementation (data types, missing values, inconsistencies)

Summarize input data requirements

Form design for (mass) user inputs

Data validation by handy manual or automated procedures

Customized reports Literature review
Automated reports using different data sources

Dashboard design

Ad-hoc reports

Chart redesign, standardization

Summarize the state of the art of a specific problem

Map alternative approaches


„Thanks to Mr. Baranyai’s goal and solution-oriented attitude and creativity, he is greatly appreciated by superiors, colleagues and project partners. He is an energetic and reliable employee, who always welcomes new projects of any kind.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Freitag, Director of BIBA, Bremen

  „Zsolt is a dedicated team player and has a does what it takes attitude. He is passionate about his work, eager to learn and well liked by his colleagues and clients. I look forward to having future opportunities to work with him”

Paul Fodor, Director of I-insight Ltd.


Address: H-1145 Budapest, Bosnyák utca 23/a.   Email: